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Vintage and Fingerwave Hairstyles - Photos and Trend

The so-called water wave or finger wave hairstyles were incredibly famous in the 20s and 30s of the last century, nowadays also known an vintage hairstyles.

Vintage Hairstyles
© Tomasz Wojnarowicz -

By means of technological instruments from a wide range of hairdressing supplies (water wave grips, combs and hairgrips), and thanks to the skilled hands of the hairdresser, soft finger waves are molded. These vintage hairstyles, like finger wave hairstyles, currently do not rank among the trendiest hairstyles images for 2014, but still it is always great to watch, when a coiffeur for his or her collection of hairstyles has the heart to try out a coiffure using finger waves.

By the way, not only Hollywood stars used to vintage hairstyles. The trend towards finger waves became so predominant in the course the 20s, that even the mannequins in the shop windows, as well as the early hat racks in the cloak rooms of theatres where equipped with real hair wigs with perfectly trimmed finger waves. These hat racks were busts made of wax, which have been fabricated by the artist Pierre Imans. Nowadays they are much sought after collectibles. There also is a large variety of postcards which display beautifully arranged finger waves and vintage hairstyles.

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